Strawberry Crop Box

Crop Box puts state of the art precision farming within your reach. It's a completely turn key agricultural system without worries about the weather, pests, heating prices or water. By growing the equivalent of an acre of field grown crops or 2,200 square feet of greenhouse space within a 320 sq ft foot print, the Crop Box is among the world's highest productivity systems.


Upgrades and Customization

We offer many upgrades for the Crop Box. If you'd like to have a feature, customization or upgrade not listed, call us and we can make it happen!



Coming Soon!



The Crop box is equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • Energy efficient High Output Fluorescent Lighting, can upgrade to LED's.
  • Software Monitoring System: Monitor and adjust every element of the growing system from a tablet or smartphone, including lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, Air Temperature, Flood, Fires, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, Water Flow, Water Levels and Root Zone Temperatures.
  • Webcam: View your crops from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-layer Precision Hydroponics: Grow in a multi-layer system with 90% less water than field or greenhouse agriculture.
  • The entire growing system is contained in a shipping container to allow you to stack the systems up to five stories to dramatically increase your yields per acre.