Microgreens Cropbox

Microgreens Cropbox

The Microgreens Cropbox container using Nutrient Film Technique. The smaller version of edible greens provides the consumer with much more concentrated nutrients and flavor. These small plants are prized upon chefs and nutritionists alike.

The system has the capacity to grow just over 750 ft² of Microgreens at one time. It features full environment control which allows you to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and Co2. Dosing controllers are also used to keep reservoirs properly dosed to the optimal pH and nutrient levels. We use HVAC systems designed specifically for indoor growing to ensure the environment is perfect for growth.

Every Cropbox includes access to our mobile application which allows the operator to control hydroponic dosing and environment conditions. The app also acts as a data log which enables the grower to track all environment and dosing conditions throughout the duration of the grow.


How does the Cropbox compare to other forms of Agriculture?

It has the ability to grow 1 acre of crops in a single shipping container while using 90% less water