Microgreens and Hydroponic Horse Feed Cropbox

Perfect for equestrian operations because you can feed up to 17 horses with a single horse fodder Cropbox! For chefs or growers selling to restaurants, a single Microgreen Cropbox can serve the needs of several restaurants! 


How does the Cropbox compare to other forms of Agriculture?

It has the ability to grow 1 acre of crops in a single shipping container while using 90% less water


Conventional Agriculture

Conventional Agriculture

Crop Cycles: 1-2

Year Round Production: No (Seasonal)

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 9 Tons *USA Lettuce

Water Use (annual):
270,000 Gallons / Acre *University of Arizona

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 90lb N - 175lb P - 100lb K

Flavor: Extremely High Variability

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient
Evaporative Cooled Greenhouse

Evaporative Cooled Greenhouse

Crop Cycles: 6

Year Round Production: Sometimes (Climate)

Guaranteed Production: No

Yield per acre: 213 Tons *North Carolina State University

Water Use (annual):
321,200 Gallons (2,200sf greenhouse) *University of Arizona

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 75% less

Flavor: Seasonal Variations

Distribution: Complex & Inefficient


Crop Cycles: 8

Year Round Production: Yes

Guaranteed Production: Yes

Yield per acre: 1347 Tons

Water Use (annual):
27,000 Gallons

Fertilizer Use / Acre: 80% less

Flavor: Consistency

Distribution: Simple & Close to customer

Sample business model for select crops:

We have projections for over 40 different crops, call us to receive the full list!



Annual Yield per container (pounds harvested)

Microgreen Cropbox









Electricity: Lighting                        


Electricity: Cooling Costs                           $939                
Electricity: Circulation Fans


Electricity: Exhaust Fan Costs


Electricity: Pump


Growing Media (sure to grow)









Annual Cost of Restaurant Packaging per container (.07 per LB)


Planting/Transplanting/ Labor Costs: 10 hours per planting per container 

Harvesting Labor Costs: 11 hours per harvest per container                       $19,983           


Maintenance Labor Cost





Annual Cost of Production per Container

Cost per good per lb    $3.78   

 *These numbers are to be used as a guide. Actual results vary based on local market and skill of grower  

How it works:

100% control over every part of the growing process.



Completely Managed from a Smartphone:

Automatically keeps records and displays them as charts and graphs for constant optimization. 
Monitor and adjust every element of the growing system from a tablet or smartphone, including lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, Air Temperature, Flood, Fires, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, Water Flow, Water Levels and Root Zone Temperature. Includes a Webcam, so you may view your crops from anywhere in the world.

A smarter way to grow:

Uses 90% less water than other forms of agriculture
Stacks up to 5 high to create exponentially higher yields
Grow at the point of sale; put it in the parking lot of a grocery store!
Very low risk of croploss
Easily moved to a different location as demand shifts
Individual growing environments reduce the risk of contamination and control the spread of pests